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Gina, thanks for asking, I'm feeling pretty good. For the first time ever, with this kid I'm experiencing evening nausea - weird, starts between 6:30 & 7:30 & has gone as long as 2am. I'm 10 weeks today & will see the OBGYN on Thurs morning - after the balloon fiesta. How's Em & A. any word?

Jess I have no idea what the official term would be for my cousin's baby, dont think it's a neice, just another cousin as far as I'm concerned. BTW her thyroid is physically in the wrong spot, it's just behind her tongue, they're going to put her on meds & see the endocrinologist later. Poor mom & dad having to go through this, she's 6 days old today.

Chris thanks for letting us know about Christine & the c.diff. that stuff is TERRIBLE! That poor woman has the worst luck lately.

Not much knitting or spinning done reciently, how about you all?
I have class today & will have my test results back today, I'm hoping for at least the 72 I dreamed about, granted I also dreamed about him announcing to the class that someone got a 98.5 on the exam - doubt that's me.
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