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Hi Friends!
Christine, feel better soon! You're in my prayers!

Julie, your cousin's child is your first cousin once removed. Sorry to hear about the evening sickness. Yuck. I have bad reflux in the evening, but no baby to blame! I wish I could help you study! Too bad on the test. Start studying for the next one NOW! Don't wait until right before the test.

We had a bit of a blow-up with E on Sunday night. She's been VERY self-centered lately, and we let her know we don't appreciate it and she'd better knock it off or she can move out or pay a LOT in rent. DH told her he can't believe she's with A and that he affects her badly. She's been SOME better since then.

As to knitting, I subbed today and had five classes taking tests, so I knit and watched them. Got a some work done on my sweater, but mostly, I re-knit mistakes! UGH!
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