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I agree...try to take it as encouragement, not a put-down.

For instance I had a friend who was afraid to try cables. Frankly, the LOOK really complicated, and I remember being a new knitter who was afraid to try cables. But when I finally did, and I finally got the hang of it...well, it WAS easy.

So, I told my friend, "Cables are easy. You can do them." The opposite view might be to say, "Cables are really, hard. Are you sure you're ready for them?" That seems less encouraging to me.

Although, I did know a teacher of 5yo's, who, whenever they were trying something and the kid succeeded, she'd say, "Great job! That was really hard!" to encourage them in thinking they'd really accomplished something big!

I guess it's a matter of perspective. I'd say if you have someone in your life who really seems to have a condescending attitude toward you, to speak up and let her know that it's bothering you and making you feel inadequate. But if you're just talking about people in general, I'd say try to overcome your reaction and consider that maybe they're just trying to be encouraging.

(Most of knitting is complicated and difficult to the beginner...but in the end it becomes easier, and once you get it, it's "easy." Just like learning to walk or ride a bike. It's all a matter of perspective).
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