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Thanks all for your feedback and viewpoints. I think 'this is easy' is objective..easy for who? ...and that's more my point. I'd like (in my dreams) to have more of a grading system of difficulty. Easy/moderate/difficult doesn't work for many patterns for me as well as I'd like...and after I've bought the pattern that's labeled and open it to find it's way beyond what I'd hoped it's disappointing. Oh I know..the opp. to learn something new etc.etc.,and that's great too if that's what I think I'm buying. However when I buy a pattern called easy I guess I expect it to be beginner level easy as opposed to I've been knitting 20yrs.and it's easy. I won't expect that anymore,and I'll have to read the whole pattern first b4 purchase,which takes the online buying out of the picture...knit on;o)
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