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Originally Posted by GrandmaLori View Post
It's really pretty. I'm sorry to hear about your hands hurting you. My Sister in law told me she wraps one of those Boppy things around her middle (it's used for nursing a baby, to support the baby so the weight isn't all in your arms) when she knits, and lets her arms rest on it, along with the weight of the project.
Thank you.
I did try a pillow on my lap, but as the blanket grew, it was in the way.

My hands have been going down hill for about a decade. That's why I stick to baby things. I guess size 5 needles and sport weight yarn are the thickest I can manage comfortably.
And I can't quit knitting until I knit through my stash.
*Knit, rip*, repeat between the *s as many times as necessary.
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