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Originally Posted by MrKnits View Post
Hi, just started knitting, but I'm a guy sorry.
No apology necessary!
We love ALL knitters - any gender, any religion, any nationality.

Originally Posted by flyred77 View Post
......So I am getting ready to pick the needles up again and give it a try. I have crocheted on and off for over thirty years, but I feel lost when it comes to knitting.
Hi Marietta! I'm the opposite: comfortable with knitting, and just now learning to crochet. Maybe we should sit beside each other and learn together!

Originally Posted by DeafKnitter View Post
Hello everyone! My name is Brian and I'm a 23-year old guy who happens to be a newbie knitter.
Hi Brian! Welcome to the KH Forum. I hope you like it here!

Originally Posted by roseb View Post
thanks to I AM A am looking to knit loafers ,cant fine any free pattern
Welcome to the forum!
You'll find lots of knitting patterns for Slippers here:
Slipper Patterns

Originally Posted by Jan1ce View Post
Hi, I'm a newbie to the site but have been lurking for a while. I love how everything is so well laid out and you can find help on just about everything.
Hi Jan! Welcome to the KH Forum!
I'm a big fan of all the European knitting magazines. I always gravitate to them when browsing our bookstores here in the States. Maybe one day, I will come visit England! That would be so wonderful.

Originally Posted by DeafKnitter View Post
One of the biggest issues I have with any video is being Deaf. If there is sound or vocal audio, and no captioning, I can hear it but cannot comprehend it.
Thanks for the input!

Originally Posted by KarenInTacoma View Post
........I just started knitting a baby blanket after 38 years of no knitting, oh dear! the first 15 rows of 165 sts of K1 P1 contrast done, then told to Break. Next row (WS) [I hope this means just where I left off] MC, P13. M1. *P14. M1. Rep From *to last 12 sts. P12. 176 sts.
Ok do I cut 4" of contrast color and tie a knot of main color leaving 4"and just begin with MC, P13.?????? I pretty much get the code after that, just don't want to mess up the Break business & MC. Karen
Hi Karen! Welcome to the KH Forum!
Yes, just start purling with the main color now. You can tie a knot if you want, and work in the ends when you finish the project. Welcome back to knitting!
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