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Thank you all for your quick response!

Now, our list is final. There are only 12 of us, so we will need to each knit 5 inches on the blanket. (I am knitting two sections - one at the start, and one at the end.)

Please only knit for 5 inches on your section, because the blanket needs to be 65 inches long. This will make it the correct size for a bed at the orphanage.

Here is our list of knitters, in the order they will be knitting:

Shandeh (NC) - completed
dawn1838 (NC)
ewalker (GA)
HollyP (VA)
msbookie (TN)
gmmarton (CT)
traceleighj (MN)
PeattieWa (WA)
purlingkitten (WA)
krismorales (CA)
mspwrz (TX)
sgtpam (TX)
Shandeh (NC)

Does this work for everyone?
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