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get out of my house!! a very long venting.
I am really upset at the Florida tenant laws right now. My boyfriend and I own our home and we do live in it. We let his 25 yr old brother move in obviously with no lease because we thought he had matured and he only has 2 semesters of college left, after lying, dropping, failing, and now in school for 6 years. How stupid of us to fall for his act. Oh and his mother still pays his rent because he doesn't have a job and barely ever even attempts to find one. Anyway, the point is he now lives with us and just barely 3 months in and he is disrespectful to our home, our belongings, and us directly. If we even so much as ask him to lower his voice, turn the TV down, or keep up with small agreed upon chores, he blows up and goes into what I call his victim mode. I could whisper it to him and he accuses us of yelling and treating him badly and now claims his living conditions are poor. WHAT?! He really believes he is the victim of everything negative that occurs in his life. He can't comprehend he is the cause of at least most of it. Today was the last we could take, after a confrontation a few night ago we thought was settled until out of the blue he starts text messaging my bf at work about how badly he is treated. My bf tried to be calm and nice but it just wasn't working. My bf is a fireman and this is not the kind of conversation/confrontation he needs while on duty for nearly 48 hours now. We've had enough so we told him 30 days and he needs to be out. He continued to send inappropriate text messages that were just his lies in his head. My boyfriend then said fine, make it 15 days and be out. Well he said he's calling the cops on us because that is illegal. I did call the non-emergency police number today and funny (not really) enough unless he is physically harming one of us, we can't do anything, nothing! until we give him 30 days notice and then if he doesn't leave, we have to file eviction and pay for it ourselves to have it recorded and then he has 3 days to vacate. Pay a little more to serve official papers, and then some more for a sheriff if he has to be physically removed and if he fights it, court and again pay more. The cost goes on and on. Wow. This is MY home.

WHY do homeowners have so little rights to evict a room mate. He has no lease. There was no obligation on either side. This isn't a residence that we rent to a random tenant but our own home where we have to live, now very uncomfortably, very high tension, and with accusations that are just not true or valid, etc. I told my bf about 1.5 months ago I felt trapped in my own home and limit myself to one room when his brother is home just to avoid any further problems. I called and researched online all day today and I get the same answer....I have NO rights unless this person is in the process of or has physically assaulted me which he hasn't and I would never claim otherwise.
I really hope he's just bluffing and doesn't make us go through this because we will do it at any cost to get him out of our home.
I can't talk on the phone to anyone about this for fear he will overhear me and start a new confrontation. I don't really have anywhere to go either. Just to make the few calls I did, I had to walk the dog down the street. This is ridiculous.

Sorry for venting so much, I hope it's ok. I just needed to let loose and get it out into space. I thank anyone that suffers reading through my mess!

Now I can stop screaming silently in my own head.
Knitter in SW Florida.

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