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Originally Posted by erinandvictor View Post
Hi all,

Ok, so I'm not a skilled knitter like you all talented people, but I have knitted several baby hats with the kniftty knitter and would like to donate them. I know that many hospital have specific requests and I am not sure if mine would meet those. They are great hats, very sweet and just sitting here. Anyone know who I could give them too?

Thank you.
..Hi, just saw your post...hope I am not too late.....we would love your hats!!!! I make/donate hats (etc) to our local hospital....Matter of Fact, I have to "knit up" somewhere around 20 by November 18...but since I am "lamed up"with tendonitis, and carpal tunnel, I have only 2 done.... Our charity is "Warm Hands Warm Hearts".....plz pm me I will gladly send shipping chgs too you

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