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Nintendo's yarn based game - Kirby's Epic Yarn
While searching for games for my son (ok, me) I came across this:

And while it not necessarily knitting, I've never come across any game focusing on yarn (or needlework) before. My only disappointment is it's for Wii (which I don't own; was only searching for DS games).

Yarn graphics? Really? This is the fall of 2010 and that's enough to make this game stand out during prime gaming season? Yes. The gameplay in Kirby's Epic Yarn could be atrocious and this would still be a game worth checking out. The game doesn't just look as if it was created with yarn and thread as if our TVs used stitches instead of pixels it behaves as if it was. Backgrounds fold and unzip. Enemies unravel, some as neatly as a sweater pulled by a loose end. Not a second goes by in this game when its creators aren't delightfully showing what the yarn and fabric elements of a side-scrolling video game might look like. Yarn electricity. Yarn lava. Yarn dinos.
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