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Grafting the Toe
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when i rotate rhn it comes out of 1st stitch
By this do you mean the stitch loop on the RHN wants to fall off?

You don't have to rotate much, or at all to get into position to knit through the back loop (this rotating was more for the first way I thought you had to do it). But it is a bit tricky to keep the stitch loop from coming off the needle when you go under that first stitch loop so that you can knit through the back loop. When you pull the RHN through under the strand go slowly, you can put your right index finger on that stitch loop (this is easier to do if you knit Continental, but will work for English as well) as soon as you get it out from under the strand, then proceed with knit through the back loop.

The goal is to go through that first stitch, knit the second one, dip under the first stitch strand and knit the first stitch through the back loop.
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