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Grafting the Toe
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I left home around noon and just got back.

When you insert the RHN into the first stitch, you are sticking it through that first stitch loop purl wise and just passing through it. After the needle goes through that first stitch loop move it directly into the second stitch right where you would knit that stitch normally. Yarn around and knit that stitch to the point you have pulled up the new stitch loop and stop. If you move the RHN through the first loop and right into the second stitch the loop has no chance of falling off. After you knit the stitch it will not fall off either. Then dip the RHN tip under the front leg of the first stitch until the RHN is to the right of the two stitch loops on the LHN. Then move it slightly so that you can knit into the back of the first stitch loop.

Does that help any?
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