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Originally Posted by GothCrone View Post
I also love the Notebook/Projects/Stash tracking and I use that extensively.
Same here! Another feature I use extensively is my QUEUE feature! When I 'queue' a project...I can 'pair it' with a yarn in my Stash by using the edit feature (the pencil icon) of the queued item. The by clicking 'use stash' I can view a list of my stash, hit ok, and it's 'paired'. Now the double bonus is when I revisit my Stash...and click on any will tell me what queued project the yarn is paired with! Sometimes you forget what you were gonna use a yarn for!

Anyway, I mostly use Rav to assist me in my knitting...projects, stash, patterns, help with projects by reading the notes shared by dozens (or maybe hundreds) of other knitters when THEY knit it. That is one of the greatest tools! When you look up, or begin, a project you can see how many other knitters are knitting it, too...or much of the time have finished it! Hardly anyone ever uses the signature yarn of the you can see how different yarns make it look! That information is invaluable. Plus, many knitters (in their own project notes) share their modifications, perhaps their problems and what they wish they'd done differently. I always take care to read every note made by all those who blazed the trail. It helps me in avoiding pitfalls and derailing!

Anyway, I will agree...KH is a great forum for HELP, and warm friendship! Everyone knows everyone else, and cares about you!
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