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Casting On
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It does say multiple of 26 sts plus 3 and the you just purl one row after cast on. No increases or anything. So when it says multiple do you add the plus 3 for every amount you cast on? But how would you get it to be right?
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are there no instructions before that row 1? Sometimes it may say: work in stochinette stitch increasing like ... and then you get to row 1? Because... I do not get it, either.
Or maybe you have to cast on a multiple of 26 + 3 stitches?

I mean: This section alone has 26 stitches:
*sl2, k7, sl2, k15* rep from *

and that gets repeated... so the repeat is 52 stitches, then another 18 on the sides.... that makes 70 in my eyes, not 44. Or am I totally wrong?
Maybe someone with the book at hand can help?
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