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Originally Posted by blueygh2 View Post
What a nice idea. I just thought of knitting a scarf and sending it to you. But then I thought, why not make a hat as well?

I haven't ever done mittens. Always told myself I'd make some, but it never happened, but maybe I'll send some mittens as well

Are there other acceptable/accepted things? Like .... granny squares or something?
to you...we give hats, mittens and blankets to the local hospital/shelter...when kids come in and have no hats (etc.) ( umm weather here falls in the 20's ) then the doctors/nurses give them too them...I feel sooooo guilty cause I am not able to produce........thank you soo much.. if you send me squares, I can probably put those together without strain on my joints.... pm me on what you need to ship here....

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