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Hello. I have started a pattern in ribbing. It says row 1 WRONG SIDE. K2 P2. Does that mean that even before I start knitting, the cast on stitches in the left needle would be considered wrong side or once the row is done the stitches facing me is the wrong side?? Also when they say end on right side, does that mean right side facing me?? or out??
The right side is the "public" side of your knitting...the "front" or the part that shows.

When you do row 1, BEFORE you turn your work, you'll be looking at the wrong side, then you'll turn it and be looking at the right side.

When it says "end on right side," it means you'll do a "right side row" and then end--in this case, an even-numbered row, because, as Suzeeq pointed out, if your first row is a wrong side, the second and all evens will be right side rows.
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