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I am knitting Patons Hepburn Cardigan. It has given cable in graph form saying the pattern covers 6 rows. From my understanding I am cabling on WS as well instead of knitting knits and purling purls. Does this sound right?
I looked this pattern up. You are not understanding it quite right, if I understand what you are saying. I was confused for a minute looking at the chart because they have it sitting on the page sideways. For the back of the sweater you start at the top of the chart as it sits, the far right if you turn the chart as it needs to be read. You work row 1 right to left (RS), then row 2 left to right (WS), row 3 will be another RS row and that is where you do the cable crosses. When you keep repeating the 6 rows of the chart the cables will always fall on the RS.

The chart shows the work from the RS. The first little section will be knits and purls. It is like some sort of double seed stitch kind of thing going on there. If the box (that represents a stitch) has a l in it you will knit that stitch on the RS, but if you are working a WS row if it has the l you will need to purl it. If the box has the - in it you purl it on the RS rows, but on the WS rows if it has the - you knit it. When you get to the cable panel you can see that it is all l l l l so that will be stockinette on the right side with the cable cross on row 3. So you always knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side. The cable is flanked by 1 st of reverse St st.
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