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Originally Posted by yarnrainbow View Post
So lovely! Your FOs always look so professionally finished. Where in the world did you find buttons that so perfectly match the yarn color?
You're not gonna believe this...back in May...on the LYS YARN CRAWL...I visited Churchmouse Yarn and Teas. Besides having spectacular yarns (as many LYS's do)...Churchmouse had fantastic buttons.

Being the button-hound that I am...I bought these up. I use this shade of brown a lot...or at least...I'm attracted to it, and end up with it! Bought several button collections actually! About 8 of each.

How thrilled I was to rummage my 'brown buttons' bag and spot these gems! Yay! I swear, I didn't buy the yarn for the buttons! I bought the yarn in February at the Pacific Northwest version of Stitches, Madrona Winter Retreat and Yarn Market!
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