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Originally Posted by Jessi View Post
I read your post and had to make sure I didn't post it! I live in NW Denver with my husband and 2 cats. I frequent Posh yarn boutique on 39th and Tennyson.
Hiya Jessi n welcome to the party!!!! Colorado bulldogs fer everyone!!!! ( that's just a white russian topped off with cola).
I did manage to find an (L)YS a little closer to me in Sterling. Not so far to drive and it is a nice store. She even has some patterns on Ravelry, her store is "fiberspace" and she does have a website which is like kewl.
I did get some lonesome stone mountain feet sock yarn n hopefully I'll be able to make some sox with it soon enough. That is, after I get done with the projects at hand.
Right now I'm in the middle of finishing my pinwheel sweater from elann and a crocheted felted fedora, which I have to finish writing down so I can post it on my blog.
Yes, I know, I live out in BFE. But hey, we need culture as well. It sure is nice to actually meet some people, albeit, cybernetically, from yer own neck of the woods.
Thanks ya'll for posting.
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