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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
Mike, how many pups have loving people whoo knit fair isle sweaters for them? Maybe one? It's so cute!

We lost one dog last week, and our other one, who is 16 is following closely. We've been thinking about getting a Boston, my husband because he was raised with them, and thinks they're cute, me because I can knit for it. I'm thinking a red vest. Or a smoking jacket type with a really fuzzy collar.

You just keep knitting for your dog,and I'll watch what you do.
I wouldn't have done Fair Isle yet except I thought it would last the winter before she out grows it. Now after getting an assortment of adult Dachshund measurements from Ravalry I'm not so sure.

Small dogs are fun to knit for. Her first one was done in a day. The last one didn't take a full week.

Sorry about your dog. I think my old one is heading in that direction.
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