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Knitting is easy - and soooo hard! Just hang in there and you will give the bug all there is.

After the cast on, you should practice the knit stitch. Just knit all stitches, turn your work at the end of the row and knit back. Do this as often as you want / need to practice. That makes a fabric that is called "garter stitch".

When you want to practice the next thing, learn the purl stitch. Now work one row knit and one row purl and that will make "stochinette stitch" - that flat fabric.

When you have enough of that, learn the cast off (any method for now).

After that: you are a knitter that now faces what we all face: learning new tricks left and right everywhere and all the time. You never know it all but it is fun to keep learning.

Once you know cast on, knit stitch and purl stitch and cast off: chose an easy project and just learn along while working it out. (it can be a scarf, but does not have to be.)

Welcome to knitting and to adiction. Now that you are on the hook, make the best of it!
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