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Hi, Tweeti!

I taught myself to do basic knitting (I mean realllly basic) before there were any online tutorials. I tried books, and they helped some, but the video tutorials were so helpful for me. The best advice I can give you is search out several sources for your questions. Even though all may be good advice, one may just "grab" you and help you understand things a bit better just because of something as simple as the way it's worded. I know I've read things and then gone, "What???" Then I read the same thing, worded differently, by someone else and it made sense. It's frustrating to knit and rip and start over, but we've all been there! Even seasoned knitters have this happen when they try something new! I can't believe sometimes how much knitting has evolved and how many new techniques surface over time. I'm amazed at the creative, talented and industrious people who perfect these techniques. Just keep trying and ask questions. There are no "dumb" questions and there are plenty of people willing to help! I can't even begin to tell you how much help Knitting Help has been to me. I come back again and again...and I leave videos "open" in a window just so I can remind myself when I get to a certain point in my knitting that I'm unsure of...the videos have been a lifesaver for me! The best thing to do is find a format that works for you. People are different kinds of "learners"...some are visual, some auditory and some learn by the "hands on" method, which is me, but I have to see it first in video or in person and then I have to follow along so I can "feel" what I'm doing to get the hang of it. Just don't give up and keep practicing!

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