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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Not many will have the pattern, so if you can give the directions for the bind off, some may be able to help.
Thanks, Suzeeq, I will give some of the instructions. Because it is a purchased pattern, I cannot share all of it due to copyright infringement. Here is what leads up to the picot:

Wedge Row 4: Ybn, k8. (10 sts on needle)
Wedge Row 5: CO/BO 3 sts., k6 more (7 sts on right hand needle)
Wedge Row 6: Ybn, k7.

Am I knitting the CO/BO? I can't tell in my work if it's knit or purl, so can anyone tell from Row 4 on? When I CO, I CO by knitting on. When I BO the SAME three sts I just CO, am I BO in knit or purl? Does it appear that I am knitting everything? I can't print the whole section of pattern because it's copyrighted.
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