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Can anyone help me figure out what type of stitch/pattern this is?
One of my friends has been knitting a scarf. When you look at it, it looks like a 1x1 rib but it's not that simple, I looked at it some more and it's different. The pattern is a repetition of two rows, one row where it is all knitted and another where the pattern is (not sure about this trying to remember from memory) bring the yarn to the front, slip one stitch, then either knit two together, or knit the next to separately. Basically all I know about the pattern is that it is done in a set of threes, it and it is somewhat like what I described. Does anyone know a pattern that might be like this or is similar? I've tried searching but since I don't know much about the pattern besides the fact that it's a rib it's kind of hard. Thank You
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