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if you really do the mirror image of (standart) knitting then the stitches will move from the right needle onto the left needle (seen from your perspective).
That is called left handed knitting or knitting for lefthanded people.

I do think, that knitting is so ambidextrous that it does not matter if you are left or right handed, but it does exist, this left handed knitting.

So ask yourself: how do the stitches move? Left needle to right (then standart) or right to left (then left handed).
There are a few modifications you have to make to patterns, if you do knit left handed. But you can do it.

However: what hand you hold your yarn in can vary with right and left handed knitting depending on your knitting style (English or Continental).

In standart knitting (stitches moving from left to right needle) and Continental, I hold my yarn in my left hand. English knitters, though, hold it in their right hand.

In left handed knitting, the yarn is held the opposite wy for each style.
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