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Raglan arm seam decrease in k2p2 rib pattern
I am having the devil's own time with a circular knit cable mock neck. Every step is a crisis. I have now put the whole sweater incl. sleeves on the circular needle and am trying to do raglan decreases. Although I have followed the pattern slavishly (I think), it's not coming out. What is the secret to doing this? The instructions have you put a marker where sleeves join and do the decrease every other row. This is what the instructions say: "beg 6 sts before marker and work sts as follows: k2 tog, k1,p2,k2 (marker sits between these sts), p2,k1,slip1 st as if to k, k1, psso"

I have no trouble doing this but it's not coming out! what is the trick I'm missing? Help! Thanks all.
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