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Three fantastic cast-ons from KDTV-DVD Series 300!
In the Knitting Daily DVD, Series 300...I learned 3 new cast-ons that I have to share with you! I knit up some samples, and here they are, in 3 different posts below.

In show 303: 'Making It Reversible': The Reversible Cast-On

The benefit: keeping your ribbing in mind, let's say it's going to be 3x3 ribbing, you will cast on your stitches as 3 knits, 3 purls, 3 knits, 3 purls...etc. There is not a WS to this cast-on...and your ribbing knits will blend with your cast-on knits; your ribbing purls with blend with your cast-on purls. Here is a swatch of each, with the Reversibly cast-on swatch uppermost on the green paper:

ABOVE: I am pointing out that the Long-Tail cast-on puts 'knits' all the
way across the row, below all the Purl 3 ribs, and the Knit 3 ribs.

ABOVE: See where I'm pointing on the Reversibly Cast-On swatch?
Notice that Purls meet Purls, Knits Meet Knits. It's a seamless transition
up into your ribbing.

ABOVE: the swatches are now turned over to the "WS" of each.

Note: the Reversibly Cast-On swatch is the same as it was for the RS. Purls meet purls,
and knits meet knits.
Note: the Long-Tail Cast-On swatch has purl bumps below ALL the stitches across the row,
making for a somewhat clumsy transition.
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