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In Series 300/Show 307: "Go Global": The Channel Island Cast-On

The Benefit:
Obviously, the very edge of the cast-on creates a natural picot edge! Also, if you will be working 1x1 ribbing just above the Channel Island Cast-On, it is particularly seamless, and beautiful!

This is what it looks like, just after the casting on. No rows are as yet worked!

BELOW: This is a swatch showing how 1x1 ribbing looks with the
Channel Island Cast-on! The picot edge is 'built-in'!

One of our KH members is quite an excellent sweater designer, having designed
and knit most of the 80 sweaters she's knit for her family! MerigoldinWa (aka Judy)
has just recently designed and knit a Gansey Pullover for her dear husband, Tom.
Judy used the Channel Island cast-on for Tom's gansey!

This cast-on was developed and used by gansey knitters of yesteryear, and I'm so happy to see it making an appearance on our Knitting Help Forum! Click here to see her design in our Whatcha Knitting forum! She includes additional information about it's development on her Ravelry project page as well! It's worth taking time to read!
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