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Hey Judy! What a wonderful gansey! Tom looks terrific in his 'vintage' gansey! Perfect fit, too!

I like the story of the yarn! It's a testimonial to destashing!

Did you use the Channel Island cast-on for the front and back? It looks like it. That cast-on was developed and originally used by gansey knitters!

Is this your own design? I wouldn't be surprised! You are do a lot of your own design work, a quality that I certainly admire! I think I see either the initials TG or JG on the lower front left! Did you 'sign' your work? Or are these Tom's initials? Either way, WOW! That is cool!!!

Anyway, thanks for sharing the sweater with a husband inside it! I'll bet Tom's hat is his own creation, am I right??? I just showed this to John, and he oogled Tom's hat and said "I bet that's a hat he knit!"
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