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Grafting the Toe
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Thanks Dollyce, your praise is always coveted. Yes, that is the Channel Island cast-on. I did design this myself. Tom saw a little kid's gansey with an anchor in front with a tight cable on each side. He said he'd like that on it. (turns out it is pretty much under his beard, but there is one in back too. I picked most of the stitch patterns from Beth Brown-Reinsel's book Knitting Ganseys (including the anchor). One of the background stitches I kind of made up, but I'm sure it is not new. There is a heart under his beard at the very top. Only in the front where no one will see it and think he is a sissy. Those are Tom's initials. They were often worked on traditional ganseys, so we went with that too. TG

I am glad to use some of this stash yarn. I've had it for years. Now I want to do something with the rest of it I have including the blue stained part. I'm thinking of trying dying some of it.

John has a good eye. The hat is a Tom creation all right. I took some other pictures of him (on Ravelry) in a Greek fisherman's hat. He made that hat too with his sewing skills.
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