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Oh, thanks!
That Channel Island one I instantly searched out (Eunny's video on youtube) and am totally convinced that I will use that soon! Great idea!

With the first cast on... I was pretty sure that I got it right. Maybe I just explain it wrong... I am doing a long tail with a longer than normal tail, and one stitch set I do regular, then the next I work by poking through the loop on the index finger, not the thumb... well, I will just go and look at the videos again!

The German twisted should be my thing: I am German, I am twisted... but I always thought it was too much effort for no gain. Maybe I should give that one another try as well.

Thanks for sharing those all with us!
I will go back to all 3 and practice to have a larger arsenal to dive into when needed...

and every projects begins with a cast on, so you should know all your options ahead of time.
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