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I don't know if Patons makes the Capstan anymore or not, I saw some in people's stashes on Ravelry, but it was different than mine. Mine actually said: Patons Aran- Aran-Style Pure Wool and it was oiled. I believe most truly traditional ganseys had lighter weight wool (Aran is a little bigger than worsted and I believe they used some a bit smaller than worsted, more like sport weight.) I worked mine to 5 sts= inch.

I have that book Country Weekend Knits. One of my daughters bought it for me. She thought she wanted one of the sweaters, but I couldn't get the gauge to work out the way it was given (over pattern), so I made a different sweater and she thought maybe, after all, it was a better choice for her and she loved it. It does have some pretty sweaters, but I haven't made anything from it.

I made my sweater with the help of Beth Brown-Reinsel's book Knitting Ganseys. I love that book. She walks you through making a miniature gansey, and if you follow along with the book it is like going to a workshop. Then she explains how to adapt what you learned from the sampler to making your own personalized gansey. She also has 6 patterns (3 for children, 2 for adults and 1 that is an adult cardigan) that have directions, but use the concepts she taught in the first part of the book. I made 2 of those and then 2 little ganseys of my own design before I tackled the big one (but I am a slow learner, and overly cautious sometimes).

In Knitting Ganseys, Beth says that the typical old ganseys were made of a highly twisted 5 ply wool about like todays sport in weight and they knitted them to between 7 and 9 sts per inch.
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