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I have bought that pattern recently. The pattern itself says this:

1/1 LC: sl 1 st onto cn and hold in front, k1tbl, k1tbl from cn

1/1 RPC: sl 1 st onto cn and hold in back, k1tbl, p1 from cn

1/1 LPC: sl 1 st onto cn and hold in front, p1, k1tbl from cn
So: you do cable crossings (I will work them without a cable needle by just working them in reverse order but that is optional - if you want an explanation, let me know)

LC= left cable, just an almost regular left cable, since you work one stitch through the back loop (k1tbl)
cn= cable needle (any accessory needle or peg, thinner or same size as your knitting needles)

then there are the 2 cables with purl stitches in them (indicated by the P in the short cut). So one of the stitches gets purled and the other gets knit through the back loop. Just as instructed above.

Almost every good pattern has an index like this. In the Koolhaas it is on the right side of the chart - in my version, the knittingdaily-PDF file. Maybe you just have to look the pattern over closely? Well, since I quoted the section, you will not have to look.
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