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Grafting the Toe
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P1, *K12, [yf, K2tog] 6 times, * rep * to* twice more P1.
This row does not lose any of it's 74 stitches when you work across the row as given. You knit 2tog, but at each k2tog you also have a yf that is paired with it (right before it)that puts the stitch back that was lost. A yf is the same as a yarn over, (a kind of increase). You may be more familiar with that term. When you [yo, K2tog] 6 times you have 12 stitches as a result. I think you are leaving out the yarn overs maybe. If you are not familiar with how to do a yarn over, here is a link to a page with a video of how to do them. It is the last increase on the page.

After the k12, to do the yarn over you just bring the yarn to the front (that is why it is also called a yarn forward by some) between the needle tips and then work the k2tog from there. Then you do another yo and k2tog, until you have done 6 of them in a row then go back to the * and k12 again, etc.
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