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Halfway through a tedious fair isle scarf, help with extra stitch?
I'm on my first ever fair isle project and it was basically all self taught, I'm loving it and I think it's so pretty, but there's been an added stitch since almost the beginning.

I got used to that because I didn't know how to fix it and even though it bothered my OCD, I just accepted that I had made a mistake and was going to leave it a bit off.

I'm knitting in the round so you only see the imperfections on the start of a new row, however, I'm now over halfway done, and 2 rows ago, I added another stitch. This is devastating because I feel like I have to take it all apart now, but I've come so far and I can't bear to do that.

Is there any way to drop/ fix that added stitch and go back to normal? what can I do, if anything?

Any help would be much appreciated... I don't think I can start all over.. I might just give up
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