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Originally Posted by knitbrit10 View Post
Damn! I literally just was directed to this thread.Does anyone here know of a British equivalent because they are still over there and are not coming back,for a while as far as I know.I would appreciate it if anyone knows anything.Thanks a lot.
The latest information I have is from the Red Cross Liaision at Ft. Carson - the deploying troops have been issued helmets with memory foam liners that protect the troops better from the IED blasts but don't have any extra room for helmet liners.

Troops that have the older helmets still use the wool beanie type liners - especially if they are in the mountains of Afghanistan - which is very cold. There is no organized group that is supplying these liners that I have found but if you have contact with a specific soldier in that area, you can address a box of the liners to that person so they can hand them out to their buddies. Be sure the soldier is willing to do this.

I hope this information helps.

Hugs, happy stitching and thanks for thinking of our troops.

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