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nice to see that everyone really has a preference for one or the other.

I have learned some English, just a little. Well, you know, I just had to with all the discussion and all the talk about it.
But knitting Continental for over 30 years (since my early childhood), I am a lost cause at English and do not see the reason for switching, of course. That is my personal thing.

Purling? Well, there are soooo many methods in Continental, but really: any works as long as you know it. And once you do... all the same.

I take a fraction of a second longer for a purl than a knit, but really, I do not think it is noticeable much in my knitting speed. So for me this is all the same.
I do notice, though, that all the different methods feel clumsy at first when I try them. Maybe that is my own preference, or maybe beginning knitters feel like that with every method of purls.

My husband does not knit. But he watches the knitting. And to him I did explain the knit stitch and the purl stitch by tying knots into thick string. Just one loop in one other. And yes: you can turn it either way and it looks different on both sides, but the same from the front (if you know what I mean). He still does not knit, but just understands the concept of the knit and the purl and their reversability. And if he had to figure it out, he might end up making stitches the English way? That makes more sense to some people because you see the wrapping happening? While the "looping through" of the Continental is not grafic enough?
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