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It's just as easy. The neat thing is that you can decide whether or not you want reversible work. If you don't, you can pick up the new color and leave the old in back the way you do when you knit. If the bit of changing with the last loop of a sc bothers you, practice it a little--it really isn't hard once you see why you do it that way. You just start a sc, get both loops on the hook, drop the old color and finish the stitch with the new. That way the first stitch you make with the new color doesn't have the other-colored loop at the top.

If you would like both sides presentable and don't mind the slight slow-through (which can be pretty in itself), you work over the yarn you're not using. It gives a little thicker fabric, but it does look neat on blankets, hoodies and such. Baby blankets done like that don't have any floats on the back to catch fingers and toes.
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