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Originally Posted by joabair View Post
I have learned the long tail cast on from this site, and I have watched the other videos. I am trying to learn to knit, I can do the long tail cast on well now but what next? I watch the videos on purl and knit, but neither one shows what do I do first when my first row is cast on 1 needle. I thought this first one was a knit stitch so I tried to purl, and something happened that looked okay and all ended up on the other needle. However, now what for 1 and for 2, in her videos, she doesnt seem to have the tail leftover and her working yarn never seems to be in the same place as mine is! Opposite sides somehow... If any advice can be given here please help, this may be something I need to see in person. Thanks...

When you do a knit st and purl st in the same row, you have to flip around your needle so the working yarn is in the right place. For the knit st it should be in the front, for purl st, it should be in the back. Hope I helped
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