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Originally Posted by hyperactive View Post
well, possible, yes. But depending on the pattern it may be little or a lot of work. The answer is not just simple.

Can you post a link to the pattern? Or can you provide a picture (maybe scanned) at least? That would help to evaluate the amount of change that needs to be done - or maybe someone knows a pattern just like it, or anything.

If your pattern can be found on libraries like Ravelry, maybe someone has made it in a different size before?
I dont know if you know of the book "25 gorgeous sweaters" by Catherine Ham. I love the pattern for the "Cozy Cardigan"
It was a book I found at my local library, and being still new to knitting I dont know how I would make the pattern bigger to fit a reguar Small. Med. Large size. I was thinking by adding 20 or 30 extra stitches to the all around pattern. dont know if that would work...?
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