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maybe that is a question of where you log in from. I get a page that makes me select if I want the UK Sweden or Rest of Europe.

The name brought google results, though. The best pic I could find is here:

I would think that that is ribbing, slanting because of increasing on one side and decreasing on the other. The ribs with different width.

Just: what I see does not line up with the descriptions I read above (suzeeq and Jan) - so maybe I found the wrong scarf?

Is that the one you mean?
It looks a lot like what I am thinking of making for my mother for x-mas, just I want to throw in some cables. A pattern, though, I do not have. My idea was spaned by the Lanesplitter skirt (found on ravelry). Wider ribs, cables added, and maybe small and big ribs... I have not started knitting it, yet.

1 stitch increase on one side, 1 stitch decrease on the other, every row or every second row (looks like it here, if you ask me). With doing it every row you would slant too fast and the angle would be different.
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