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Need to learn a looser cast on--any ideas?
Thus far in my knitting life, I have used the long-tail cast-on with great success. However, whenever I'm trying to knit something in the round, my long-tail cast-on invariably does not "meet in the middle" even though I've used two and three sizes larger needles and the shortest knitting cable I can find (like 12 or 16 inches).

I'm sure you folks have some great ideas for a better (i.e., looser) CO method I can use. Please do share them!

By the way, my short-term fix for this is to crochet a chain of the correct number of stitches. Then, using a Tunisian crochet hook, pick up stitches in all of the chain spaces and transfer them to knitting needles. This actually worked quite well and although I doubt my idea is a new one, it just might be something someone else would prefer to try for a CO edge since you do end up with a nice crocheted edge.
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