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Originally Posted by RoseFairy View Post
Okay, so I started this scarf right? Well I've knitted about 8-12 inches worth of the scarf and now I decided I really would like it to be wider. So here's where I need an opinion, should I switch to larger needles to try to get a wider scarf? Or should I rip out the whole thing and start over with more cast on stitches?

I'm having a tough time deciding because the scarf is like close to a foot long and the yarn isn't twisted very tightly. Oh, in case this info. is relevant; it's knitted with a size 9 US (5.5 mm) with Michaels' Loops & Threads Santa Fe Striped Roving (which aside from the previous twist tightness, also varies in thickness).
I'd rip it out and cast on more stitches.
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