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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You can look for Aran weight patterns, or for bulky weight. You knit to the gauge specified in the pattern, not the one you get on a certain size needle. That's useful to determine the yarn thickness, but you would want to match the gauge on the pattern on whatever needles will do that. You might just as well get 4 sts/inch on 9s, or 3 sts per inch on 11s.
Thank you. I looked on the label of the yarn and it recommended size 9 or 10, so that's why I mentioned the needle size. It does make sense what you are recommending ... I did look for aran weight yarn patterns but I was too focused on the needle size. I read a post which talked about the DVD called Sweater Wizard and found it at a reduced price at and ordered it. I'm curious - do most people find a pattern first and then hunt for the yarn or visa versa? Or doesn't it matter to most people which comes first? While I have you, what yarn do you like most to knit really crisp and well defined cables? Thanks in advance.
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