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Need help with Sweater pattern
I need help with a sweater pattern. It is suppose to be easy, but I'm confused with part of the pattern. I hope some one can help.
I have casted on the desired amount of stiches 103 and am told to work 3 rows in 1x1 rib. Row 1 is *K1, P1, rep from* to last stitch, K1. Row 2 is P1,* K1, P1, rep from * to end. I am assuming row 3 is same as row 1. Now Row 4 is where I am confused. Row 4--Rib 5 (1:5), rib2tog, (rib 6 (8:8), rib2tog) 10 times, rib 6 (0:6). 82
(92:102) sts. I am making this sweater in medium size.

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