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Casting on at the neckline of sweater
Hi there:

I'm having trouble executing this baby jacket pattern...

SHAPE NECK: Work in ribbing for 12 sts; put center 13 sts on a holder; join another ball of yarn and work in ribbing for last 12 sts. Work even on both sides at once for 4 rows. At each neck edge inc st every other row twice. At same edges cast on 7 sts.

I have worked the ribbing, put centre stitches on holder, joined yarn (so I'm working with two balls) and worked the ribbing. I have worked 4 four rows on both sides with increases, and casted on 7 additional stitches on one side on my work... BUT

I can't figure out out how to cast on 7 more stitches on the other side of my work using the second ball. When I attempt to do is stretches the yarn across the first "casted on" stitch to the first "worked stick"... essentially ruining the edge of my work..

I hope this makes sense... i don't know how to explain it better..

the only solution i can come up with is to cast on 7 on one side in one row, and the cast of the other 7 on the other side in the next row.... however this would ruin the symmetry of the pattern. Any help would be appreciate.

thanks in advance
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