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The iPhone App is Now Available!
Hey everyone,

Amy and I are pleased to release the Video Reference iPhone App (also will work on iPod Touch and iPads). It took us nearly 11 months and countless hours to get this project done. Phew! The app is a video reference containing every video from this website, organized and categorized for quick access. The videos are stored on the phone, so there is no waiting for the videos to download. This means you can access the videos offline from anywhere. Basically it's a pocket version of all the videos on this website, all for $4.99.

You can read more about the app here:

And you can download the app either by going here:

Or searching iTunes (on your computer or iPhone/Ipod) for KnittingHelp.

We will be adding a quick search and knitting abbreviations to a future release of the app which will be a free upgrade to anyone who has already purchased the app.

Anyone who does download the app, please please pretty please take a moment to give us a review and rating in the app store. This will help the app gain some visibility in the app store (currently it's at the bottom of the list for knitting).

For those on Android phones, we are exploring the option of making an Android version. It does take a lot of work and time to make these apps, so we're not certain. We first want to see how this one fairs, as well as take a bit of a break!

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