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thanks for your replies... bare with me though.. i'm self-taught and still learning....this is the first time i'm attempting to make the back and fronts of the jacket in one piece... my past work always had a seem at the shoulder...because it is a jacket i won't be joining the left and right sides.

Actually here is a link to the full pattern..

okay to start.. i ripped my work back... so here i've worked even both sides for four rows with increases... pic here:

Then i begin working the next row until i come to the neck edge and I cast on 7...still no problem... pic here:

now i'm at the otherside's next edge and i switched to the other ball of string when I cast on seven stitches (cable method) my yarn ends at the neck edge... pic here:

i need my yarn to be on the other side of the newly casted on stitches so that i can continue the ribbing and finish the row. if i work over the newly casted on stitches then my rows will be messed up

..or at least this is what m beginner's mind is thinking....

i'm just gonna put it out there one more time... if not i'll just have to corner someone on the street it's just too hard to explain online.

thanks again!
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