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what I had wanted to ask: What exactly IS a dickie? I saw yours, but what is it used for, normally?

The bib sure does the job.
I do have some load to carry myself, but I really would not wear that in a Hamburger Place or anything. Not because it is not useful, but because I would not want a bib.

But make it "manly" and hand one to my work mate, and he would enjoy his spaghetti at lunch! No protruding body parts but splashy sauce...

if you make a triangular or scarf-like bib.... will you consider that it hangs down? I mean, it might touch your plate when you lean forward, a problem I do have with scarfs. Just to save you disappointments. Either it has to be short enough to stay above the plate or long enough to tuck under the edge of the table.

Oh, stylewise I was thinking of those lobster bibs you get in New England. Maybe make a design into your bib that is food related?

The Other Purse Stroy was priceless, though. Maybe there is more out there than I thought. Congratulations to your mom!
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