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Pattern question for a continental knitter...

I am knitting some fingerless gloves with a pattern from Churchmouse Yarns ( It is a paid pattern, so I am only posting the bit where I am having trouble understanding the pattern. I think it may be because I am a continental knitter, not American style. It is the thumb gusset bind-off. There are 48 stitches on the needles. I am doing magic loop on circulars, so the needles have 18 stitches on one and 30 stitches on the other due to increases. The needle with more stitches has one stitch, a marker, 15 stitches, a marker, and then 14 stitches. I hope that makes sense. Here's the thumb gusset:

"K1, remove marker, P1: keeping yarn in front, slip next st purlwise, bring yarn to back. *Slip 1 st purlwise, pass second st on the right needle over the first to bind off. Repeat from * until you have bound off the last knit gusset st over the last purl; remove marker. Slip the last st remaining from your binding off back to the left needle. Turn. Using cable cast-on method and working quite firmly, cast on 3 sts. Turn. Slip the first st on the left needle to the right needle purlwise and pass the last cast-on st on the right needle over. Knit to end of round. (37 sts)"

Okay, what's throwing me off is cast on bit. I have already bound off to the last stitch. I moved that stitch back to the left needle. Now what? Do I cast the new stitches on to the left or right needle? What other changes do I need to make to the pattern to accommodate the continental knitting style?

Thank you all as always for any help you can provide!

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